What Is The Difference Between Essential And Fragrance Oils?


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Essential Oils:

Essential oils are extracted from plants, herbs, and flowers by distillation or cold pressed processing.  The oils are meant to capture the essence of the plant.  The oils are then combined with a carrier like almond oil to dilute it.
  • Natural 
  • Can be used for aromatherapy- a form of alternative medicine. 
  • Clean fragrances
  • Health claims are controversial 
  • Limited fragrances- not all natural elements create essential oils like strawberries 
  • Not all are pet or skin safe
  • Can be unstable in products 
  • Fragrances aren't as strong
  • Expensive
  • Low fragrance throw when used in candles


Fragrance Oils:

Fragrance oils are man made.  They’re created with a mix of aroma chemicals and natural ingredients like essential oils, extracts, and resins.


  • More fragrances to choose from
  • Can be skin and pet safe
  • More stable
  • Stronger scents
  • More affordable
  • Better for candles 


  • Synthetic (some can be natural)

Our Fragrances  

Here at Rx Los Angeles we blend our pure fragrance oils in-house to create the scents we use for all of our products.  Our pure fragrance oils have not been diluted, and most contain some essential oils.  We believe in making products that not only smell great, but work great too.  With both essential and fragrance oils there are different quality levels.  Usually, the quality of the oils are reflected in the price. We're able to keep are prices affordable by not having elaborate packaging, using word of mouth marketing, and by selling directly to our customers.

It's a common myth that essential oils are better than synthetic. It just depends on what you are using it for and the quality you purchase. We believe for our products fragrance oils are the way to go. This is for a few reasons; fragrance oils burn stronger, the quality we use is skin safe and safe to use around pets, much more cost effective, and so many different scents can be made.  Even though essential oils are natural, not all are skin safe or even safe for pets.   

Our oils are all skin safe, phthalate free, vegan and cruelty free.  They work great in diffusers, humidifiers, and candles warmers.  In addition, you can use them to scent any unscented products like lotion.  You can put them on dryer balls, or to refresh scented sachets.  See our Instagram page for more inspiration!



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  • I love your scented hand sanitizer spray – it smells amazing. The Seattle area was one of the first areas in the US hit hard by COVID 19. Hand santizers have been scarce in this area for some time. Thank you for making such a great product and making it available for all online. I also bought your travel tin candle set and a diffuser. They also smell amazing and the quality of the products are top notch. Please continue to make these wonderful products.

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  • I want to now what % alcohol is in your hand sanitizer you sell. I have the spray and the gel that arrived today in the mail.

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