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Scent Descriptions


Pine, Spearmint, Moss, Sandalwood. Infused with natural cedar wood and pine essential oils.

You may also like: Winterfell, White tea


A unisex fragrance with a base of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. Light notes of gardenia, lavender and citrus. Infused with natural essential oils including orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit. 

You may also like: White Sandalwood, Fig


A beautiful fresh, punchy and light fragrance with floral notes, currants, and rose water.

You may also like: Guava Tree, White Tea

Bora Bora

Tropical and fresh, top notes of pineapple and passion fruit, followed by mango and kiwi.

You may also like: Wild Grapefruit, Guava Tree, Molokai

Fresh Fig

Masculine and rich. Fig, moss, and a touch of bergamot to finish.

You may also like: Homme, Forte, Hyde


A bold unisex fragrance with plum, sea salt, and a hint of amber and vanilla. Infused with cardamom seed and clove leaf essential oils. 

You may also like: Homme, Fresh Fig, Hyde

Guava Tree

A fresh clean scent. Guava, pear, lime, apple, and Mediterranean fig mixed with black currant.

You may also like: Wild Grapefruit, Baies


Masculine and fresh. Woodsy with a touch of moss and natural sage, lavandin and orange essential oils

You may also like: Fresh Fig, Forte, Oakberry


Love the scent of leather? Soft, rich leather with a spicy citrus blend. Top notes of tangerine, pink lime, and bergmot leaves. A light mix of lime, wood, cinnamon bark, and sage.

You may also like: Forte, Homme, Fresh Fig

House of Hansel

Cinnamon and pumpkin infused with cloves and vanilla

Mount Fuji

Crisp and tart. A combination of Macintosh, red delicious, fuji, and Granny Smith apples.

You may also like: Wild Grapefruit, Molokai, Baies, Bora Bora


Milky coconut with a hint of tart lime. A cool and refreshing fragrance.

You may also like: Bora Bora, Wild Grapefruit


Deep and tart, oak black pepper, berries, and black currants.

You may also like: Baies, Fresh Fig, Homme


A bouquet of fresh picked peony blooms. Light florals that are fresh and airy. 

You may also like: Baies, White Tea

White Sandalwood

Sultry and warm. Light sandalwood, amber, musk, and a touch of vanilla.

You may also like: Ambre, White Tea

White Tea

A neutral fresh scent. Top notes of essential oils including bergamot, mandarin, and yang slang. Finished with light herbs.

You may also like: Baies

Wild Grapefruit

Fresh and bright. Tart grapefruit with a pinch of peach to sweeten it up.

You may also like: Guava Tree, Bora Bora, Molokai


Light and fresh like winter snow. Juniper berry and the richness of forest woods with a hint of mint.

You may also like: Aspen, White tea