DONATE Hand Sanitizer to the elderly

DONATE Hand Sanitizer to the elderly

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Donate a hand sanitizer to the most in need.

We are currently donating 1 sanitizer to local senior citizen homes and those in need for every 10 sanitizers we sell.

Here you can donate directly to them. This will help us supply our elderly community and those still working with the hand sanitizer that they need. When you purchase this item it will not be shipped to you, it will be set aside from your order and we will deliver them directly. 

If you have a specific place you would like to donate please let us know and we will cover the shipping and send your donation directly. Please e-mail us if you have questions: with the title "DONATIONS"

With the help of our generous customers, we are at approximately 400 hand sanitizer donations. We hope to donate an additional. 500 sanitizers in the upcoming week and will continue to donate as long as we have the stock. 

Thank you for helping us help others.

Be well,

the Rx Los Angeles team