Handmade Natural Soy Wax Cotton Wick Rx Candles
Handmade Natural Soy Wax Cotton Wick Rx Candles

Pure Fragrance Oils

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Our pure fragrance oils can be used in a number of ways. Here are just a few suggestions.

- Use in an oil diffuser with water.

- Add a few drops to your scented sachet after it’s lost it’s scent.

- Add your own scent to dryer sheets.

- Apply 2 drops of oil to an unscented dryer sheet and use as you normally would

- Add a few drops in the cardboard area of your toilet tissue roll.

- Put a few drops in your vacuum filter

- Freshen a drawer by dropping a few drops on a cotton ball then placing it in a drawer.

- Dab a drop on a light bulb or oil warmer.

- Add a few drops into a spry bottle then fill with water for a room spray.

Do not use directly on skin.

 Scent Descriptions can be found here

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