Handmade Natural Soy Wax Cotton Wick Rx Candles

Travel Perfume and Cologne

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Take our scents on the go with our roller perfumes.



A beautiful fresh, punchy and light fragrance with floral notes, currants, and rose water.

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juicy and fresh, top notes of pineapple and passion fruit, followed by mango and kiwi. 

A light blend of orange blossom, kaffir leaves, bergamot, tuberose, and clementine. 

masculine and fresh, woodsy with a touch of moss and natural sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils. 

We mixed 5 of our most popular scents into this unique scent. A mixture of Homme, Fresh Fig, White Tea, Wild Grapefruit, and Bora Bora.

masculine and rich, fig, moss and a touch of sweetness to finish. 

A bold unisex fragrance with plum, sea salt, and a hint of amber and vanilla. Infused with cardamom seed and clove leaf essential oils. 

a neutral fresh scent- top notes of essential oils, including bergamot, mandarin, and Ylang Ylang. finished with light herbs. 

sultry and warm, light sandalwood, amber, musk and a touch of vanilla.

Fresh and bright. Tart grapefruit with a pinch of peach to sweeten it up.

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