Scented Hand Sanitizer Spray 2oz

Scented Hand Sanitizer Spray 2oz

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*please read updates*

Our hand sanitizers kill 99% of most common germs that may cause illness and they smell great! Just spray hands, rub hands together and wait until dry. 

Ingredients: alcohol, water, witch hazel, glycerin, pure fragrance oil

70% alcohol content.

Contains alcohol- keep away from flames. Do not use in or near the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. 


BORA BORA Fresh ripe pineapple blended with passion fruit, mango, and kiwi.

FRESH FIG A slightly earthy, masculine scent. Fresh fig mixed with moss and a touch of patchouli and lemon. 

HOMME A woodsy yet fresh scent. Notes of moss, natural sage, lavandin, and orange essential oils.

LAVENDER OAK French lavender mixed with woodsy notes of moss, sage, and orange.

WHITE TEA A Neutral clean scent. Top notes of essential oils including bergamot, mandarin, and ylang ylang with a hint of cedar and basil. 

*UPDATE* 3/30/20  We still have stock and are fulfilling orders daily. We are expecting more supplies this week, but due to the COVID-19 virus our suppliers are having a hard time getting the same bottles we usually use. Please note that you may receive a bottle that looks slightly different to the one in the photo, but it will have the same 2oz fill. Also, due to the main ingredient being alcohol, we are required to ship these using ground shipment which takes longer than our normal 1-2 days. Thank you for your understanding.

*UPDATE* 3/26/20 We are now in stock and shipping out all orders.

*UPDATE* 3/23/20 We just found a bottle supplier that has stock of a slightly different white bottle (but same 2oz fill). We expedited shipping and they should come on Thursday, and orders will be fulfilled daily. 

*UPDATE* 3/23/20 We have been notified by our bottle supplier that our regular bottles have been delayed until next week. We are trying to source more to get our current orders out, but due to the virus everyone is sold out so we are relying on this shipment of 7,000 units.  It has been challenging to source every single ingredient (even the labels!) at this time, but we are told everything is on its way. We have the sanitizer ready to go- we just are awaiting the bottles... We will give updates as they come in.

*UPDATE* 3/20/20 We are out of stock on these hand sanitizers at this time. We are awaiting on a shipment of the bottles we need that should arrive on the 27th. If you order these now we will fulfill them first ordered/first shipped. All previous orders are currently being shipped out. We are working hard to get these to you asap. Please wait for an e-mail showing shipment information. We will try our best to answer questions as they come in, but please be patient. In person pick-ups will still need to wait - they will not be able to be picked up until after the 27th. Please keep this in mind when placing your order. 

*UPDATE* 3/19/20 We have received supplies.  All order placed before today 3/19/2020 will be getting ready to be shipped this weekend. We will be working overtime to be able to fulfill all orders. We have also decided to donate 1 sanitizer to our local elderly community for every 10 sold. If you would like to donate directly please CLICK HERE 

*New orders placed after 3/19/2020 will have an approximate lead time of 5 business days.  If this changes we will update our website immediately. If you order this item now please note that your full order will not ship until all of your order is in stock. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this matter.

Be well,

the Rx Los Angeles team