All in one spray. Odor eliminator room spray for curtains and pillow spray
Room spray
All in one spray for towels, linens, body spray
Room spray for body and rooms. Linen and pillow spray
air freshener, deodorizer, shoe spray, body splash

All-In-One Spray

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*Please note we are currently changing the labels on these bottles.  Some will say Odor Eliminator and some will say All-In-One Spray.  The formula has not changed.


Eliminate odors and add a fresh scent with our new odor eliminator spray. Our deodorizers are made with natural witch hazel and our pure fragrance oils. The witch hazel helps to neutralize bad odors and the fragrance adds some good smell. 

The witch hazel acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent that can be used in so many ways: Spray in stinky shoes, refresh armpits and face, use in trash cans, spray carpets. Let us know how you use it @rxcandles on instagram